Survicate gets 3.6 million PLN of funding for their survey software development

It’s been a good month for Polish startups. During the last couple of weeks, two well-known companies, Growbots and Airly, have obtained substantial funding for further development. Only last week, Survicate has joined them when securing 3.6 million PLN from multiple investors: ARIA New Technologies, Newberg Investment, and a group of business angels.

Survicate is a company providing a tool for collecting user feedback on websites and via email. They operate in a SaaS model, offering a subscription service for their cloud-based software. They target primarily small and medium enterprises that need to optimize their conversion rates. Multiple available solutions, such as feedback widgets, one-click email surveys, and targeted website surveys make Survicate one of the most comprehensive tools in this market segment. You can read more about them here.

Since the launch of Survicate in 2013, it has consistently reached or surpassed the customers’ expectations. It is used by customers in 70 countries all around the globe, for example by PZU, Oberlo, LexisNexis, District of Columbia Public Schools, or Booksy. Recently, Survicate was named one of Top 20 Most Popular Survey Software by Capterra, a world famous business software search engine.

New investors, who have allocated about 3.6 million PLN in Survicate’s development, have joined funds such as Investor Nest or Huge Thing (part of SpeedUp Venture Capital Group), which backed this startup during the seed round in 2015. The Survicate founders expect the annual income to increase threefold as a consequence of this most recent investment.

Kamil Rejent, the CEO of Survicate, plans to allocate the funds to the development of his company. His current strategy includes growing the team to improve the quality of service, investing in existing and new channels of customer acquisition, as well as further development of their product. One of the long-awaited features is the option to conduct surveys in mobile applications.

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