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Digitalise your space with Indoorway

Foot traffic information and location services can be of great help to every entrepreneur. Indoorway, a Warsaw-based tech company, has just released an effective solution for indoor positioning. It will help you use your venue’s potential to the fullest and cater to your clients’ needs like never before.

The concept started out as a student project for Warsaw Polytechnics and later turned into a full-fledged company. The team started out with using just one positioning technology but it proved to be ineffective as the information was too inaccurate. To get more satisfactory results, Indoorway algorithms analyse data from gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and beacons.

Thanks to this unique sensor fusion Indoorway achieved 1-2 metres accuracy and made indoor microlocation as useful as it can be. For individual users it can be pretty much a Google Maps for the indoors; they’ll be able to position themselves accurately within the building. Wayfinding can be of use in offices, retail shops, or in transit. At the same time, Indoorway gathers loads of data about your clients so that you can engage them better by reorganising the area or sending contextual messages.

What does that mean for you as a client? You get access to real-time physical data, which lets you optimise flow and foot traffic within your space. You can observe traffic changes over time to find the most optimal use of your venue, customise Points of Interest and tag them with smart proximity triggers and actions.

Unlike companies producing beacons, Indoorway delivers a universal set of tools for app developers. Users will appreciate intuitive map editors and offline access to analytical features, while the developers – the SDK, which can be easily integrated into new or already existing mobile apps. What’s more, Indoorway also provides four open source apps to help with navigating, finding colleagues and reporting maintenance issues in offices. Bored? Check out an augmented reality game based on Indoorway solution and turn your workplace into a more relaxed venue.

“We believe that smart spaces are brought to life when developers get access to a robust code, continuously improved APIs, and clear documentation. Our SDK has been created by developers and for developers, so the deployment process is quick, transparent and logical. Indoorway’s developer-friendly interface lets anyone build digital indoor experiences and get real-time business insights about their property. You can seamlessly smarten up any physical indoor space and immediately improve customer satisfaction,” says Tomasz Janusz, CTO at Indoorway.

Indoorway is perfect for both home use and large venues. It can collect and analyse data from companies with as many as 25,000 active users. It can be implemented in residential estates, shopping malls, multi-storey office buildings, warehouses or logistics hubs. Visitors will appreciate indoor navigation, while the managers have a chance of analysing user traffic data.

The company has launched a pilot implementation at Electrolux factory, where foot traffic analysis helps to optimise production processes. Want to be their next client? You can try Indoorway for free now.


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