Google opens six regional hubs in Romania

Last week, Google announced an expansion of the “Atelierul Digital” initiative in Romania. Their six regional hubs, opened in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Constanta, and Brasov will join the academics with the business universe, providing all students with an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and cooperate with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the region.

The “Atelierul Digital” initiative was launched in 2016 with the overarching objective to grow the digital skills of Romanian employees, entrepreneurs, and university students. Acquiring new skills will surely increase the competitiveness of Romanian startups – according to the Digital Economy and Society Index, it is the country will lowest indicators of digital performance in the whole European Union.

The brand new hubs will not only serve as co-working spaces for startup employees and students, but also as centers of lively ecosystems. Local entrepreneurs and students will have a chance to participate in trainings on topics such as building a presence online, social media marketing, or digital tools. The hubs will put special emphasis on elevating the digital skills of local SMEs owners.

“Due to the widespread penetration of digital technology and the internet, there has been a change in the structure of the market. Today every business regardless of its size has the opportunity to reach a global audience. However, the lack of digital technology and the necessary skills still remains a challenge not only in Romania but everywhere in the world. That is why we have decided to expand our Atelierul Digital program launched last year,” said Elisabeta Moraru, Country Business Development Manager of Google Romania.

The hubs will perfectly complement the existing Google’s Atelierul Digital training platform. This website is a collection of free tutorials on 23 topics ranging from search engine optimization to e-commerce. Each course ends with a certification from Google and IAB Europe.

“The Internet can be a powerful ally to society, helping both young professionals and businesses to grow. Our platform could contribute to the acceleration of the Romanian economy to be able to make the most of the digital opportunity,” said Dan Bulucea, Country Director for Google Romania.

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