Ross Knap, the founder of and Campus Poland, has taken on a new project. Knap is a former partner in management consulting at SBA-GROUP, a company helping non-EU companies to enter the European market, and now, along with his partners, Sergey Butko and Andrew Tkachiv, he created CallPage, a really cool and innovative widget. It analyses website user activity and provides immediate call-back to potential customers.

The idea first came to them when they were still working in SBA-GROUP. In order to increase conversion rates on their website, they created a widget providing immediate call-back for their customers. “After many clients asked us about it we decided to start a company with purpose to increase conversion rates on websites by a call-back widget,” said Knap.
CallPage analyses user behaviour on websites in real time. When it recognizes an interested visitor, it offers him or her a free call-back and connect with customers in 28 seconds. A potential customer leaves their phone number and CallPage connects your employee. After the phone call, the client receives a thank you message with the contact info to the manager which helps maintain communication. Moreover, all phone calls are recorded so you, as a service provider, will always know what your potential customers want and need.

Unlike other similar services, CallPage gives you user behaviour analysis. You can check what subpage is the most visited on your website and how frequently your customers return. CallPage is continually changing to adapt to their customers’ needs.

Soon, it’s going to get a callbot to facilitate the interaction. What’s more, they’re planning to replace traditional IVR with a visual one to make the communication more seamless. Such changes will allow customers to call the department they want directly, considerably limiting the wait time. They won’t have to spend 5 to 10 minutes listening to Muzak.