Are you trying to take your vitamins regularly and keep forgetting them? Have a migraine and need to get a painkiller? Marcin Michalak, Mateusz Zauliczny, and Sebastian Mul from Polish startup dr Poket have a solution straight out of an RPG game. Their project, PillBox, is a vending machine for virtually all types of pills.

Dr Poket received funding from Aligo Capital Sp. z o.o., National Centre for Research and Development, and Grańsk Foundation of Entrepreneurship.

Dr Poket developed and patented PillBox vending machine for OTC medications, vitamins, and supplements that dispense medication into a medicine cup for an immediate use. No packaging means reduced distribution costs and a more environmentally friendly solution for meds providers. Moreover, PillBox vending machines can be placed everywhere: in workplaces, hotels, or groceries. That means you don’t have to buy a whole box of pills whenever you’re feeling worse for wear.

The device is equipped with software and a mobile app for customers. The vending machine is also pretty easy to use. A customer chooses the medicine they want on a touchscreen and selects the number of pills. They can check out all the information on the screen with all the precautions and concerns. They pay by credit card, Google Wallet, or via Mobile App. Pills are dispensed immediately into a medicine cup ready to use.

You can also automatically add selected medicine to a treatment schedule in your account on dr Poket Web platform and mobile app on iOS and Android. Customers can have all their medical information in their pocket. Moreover, they can manage a medical treatment and use it to receive meds from the PillBox Vending Machine. The goal is to deliver low cost OTC drugs but the founders also hope to prevent overdoses by managing and recording interactions.

Right now the team is working with Pfizer to supply OTC drugs but more suppliers will come online soon. PillBox vending machines are comfortable for both customers and meds providers. Pfizer doesn’t need to send a regular service inspection to all PillBoxes, as is the case with traditional first aid cabinets. Drug suppliers can get stock level information, reports and statistics about usage. Moreover, it gets an additional sales channel, while customers get a 24/7 access to the meds they need. It is a win-win, especially if you have a headache.