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Rapid development of artificial intelligence opens a broad spectrum of possibilities for company managers. A Kraków-based company implements this technology in their brand new product: an AI business advisor that learns from data like e-mail, calendar entries, or phone calls and uses an intelligent interface with with push notifications to build a perfect system for managing your company. created a powerful tool that goes beyond your typical customer relation management program. The hybrid interface is a combination of a graphical user interface, conversation, and push communication. The platform uses machine-learning to learn from data and user context. It operates in desktop, mobile and web versions and is able to support third-party channels such as Facebook Messenger or Slack.

Even though there are so many possible options, the team didn’t lose track of their main goal: user-friendliness. “We’ve decided to solve problems connected with data growth and complicated software. We believe that in the future users won’t need to type in data manually and will have A.I. assistants that will learn from their business data and draw conclusions,” said the CEO, Tomasz Wesolowski.

Wesolowski has 15 years of experience in the internet industry as an entrepreneur, advisor, and board member of several companies. He is fascinated by artificial intelligence and modern UI. His associate, Bartlomiej Rozkrut, the company CTO, is a programmer and an IT project manager with expertise in machine learning and blockchain technologies. Their cooperation dates back to 2000, when they created their own business called Empathy Interactive.

That company was later merged in Unity Group, one of the biggest software houses in Poland. After being Managing Partners for two years, Tomasz and Bartlomiej decided to start a new initiative –

The platform is still in its development stage. The team plans to release a closed beta version in October and a first stable release of the program is scheduled for December 2016.