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In 2015, a Kickstarter campaign for “RoboCORE: the heart of your personal robot” drew over 300 supporters who wanted to make their dreams of building a robot come true. After hundreds of hours dedicated to developing the product and tons of feedback received from the RoboCORE users, a new generation of this device, Husarion CORE2, was launched to provide a comprehensive solution for creators of mechatronic products.

“Husarion’s mission is to lower entry barrier for new ventures in the area of automation and robotics, as much as possible. They shouldn’t focus on technical issues, but on their customers’ problems,” said Dominik Nowak, CEO of Husarion.

This new product enables its users to build a simple robot in just a few hours. Husarion provides not only the hardware controller, but also a programming framework and a cloud platform for managing and sharing devices from any place around the globe. Software for CORE2 can be developed either offline or in the cloud, eliminating the requirements of drivers installation and programming environment configuration. Additionally, all reference materials, including hardware and software documentation, bank of examples, various templates and “how-to-start” articles are available on the company’s website.

Husarion provides an interface for those who use the robots built by others. It is possible to share your software either through the cloud or through a direct link that doesn’t require logging into Husarion cloud platform.

CORE2 is addressed to both individual makers and companies. Its framework is flexible enough to support both building personal robots and prototyping designs for mass production.

The users’ community is extremely active. Husarion’s profile at is already populated with tutorials and examples of various CORE2-powered projects. Robots built by the users range from a Lego sorting machine, through a door locking and opening device to a BarmanBot that can pour drinks and entertain clients with jokes.

CORE2 can support different motor types, including LEGO Mindstorms motor and a DC motor with quadrature encoders for professional applications. It also allows for connecting with almost all sensors and external electronic modules available on the market. A full technical specification is available on Husarion’s website.