Contellio is a company that turns text content into presentations, infographics and animations. Their mission is to take over some of the boring manual work designers have to do so they can focus on actual design. Automation and optimization are the main means they use to achieve that goal. Since the launch of the company in April 2015, 50% of the “traditional” design process has been automated already, with a 80% milestone as a goal.

“Our product creates great looking visuals for marketing departments so that human designers can focus on more demanding work,” said Paul Nowak, the CEO of Contellio. Together with co-founder Martina Arent, sales and operations manager, and Kamil Lopata, the CTO, the team brought the company to a five-digit monthly revenue and a double digit number of clients as of July 2016.

Visuals can be created from any kind of text content, be it a blog post or a white paper. It typically takes 3-4 days to create a first draft, and an unlimited number of revisions is granted to every client – even though the average number required is as low as 1.2.  Contellio also provides a portfolio of examples and clients’ success stories on their website.

Even though it is possible to order a single infographic or presentation, the company is driven by a subscription service. Contellio relies on pricing clarity and transparency, hence a cost calculator is published on their website. A monthly subscription for one presentation is worth $350, for an infographic $400, and for an animation $500, what is 58% cheaper than a typical in-house designer’s work according to the data provided by the company.

Contellio is one of ten 2016 graduates of Techstars Berlin, a mentorship-driven startup accelerator. It is also backed by Lean Investments, a London-based seed fund.

Their bold plans for the future include growing to $100,000 monthly revenue, further automation to reach their 80% goal, and finding scalable inbound channels that can supplement inside sales. Plus they want to make sure your Powerpoints don’t suck.