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Pipeline Summit

Pipeline Summit

October 18, 2016

Targowa 56 Warsaw Poland


About The Event

Mick Griffin founded the Pipeline Summit after he attended Bitspiration and John Biggs explained that Poland seriously lacks abilities in Sales and Marketing at a Tech Crunch Meet Up in Gdynia summer 2015.

It’s aim was to give Polish and CEE businesses access to real life sales and revenue experience from proven experts from around the world.

In the CEE region and Poland specifically we have some of the world’s highest rated developers and technical capabilities. However, the available resources to learn how to take those products and monetize them are limited. Pipeline Summit is simply helping businesses learn how to bring in new customers and business. It brings to Central Europe, people who have done this successfully to share their best practices from companies.

Our speakers include experts from Price Intelligently, Slack, Chart Mogul, Dell, Positionly, to name a few. From our 11 speakers we will cover topics from sales hiring best practices, direct sales, funnel conversion, and customer retention.  90% of these speakers have never presented in Poland before. This is a truly unique opportunity to hear their best practices.

Another of Pipeline Summit’s core values is to ensure attendees come away with direct, actionable advice. Too many times keynote speakers have given advice such as be a story teller, or be a farmer, not a hunter. Yet have not explained the action points to implementing such strategies. Attendees can’t simply do what they aimed to do, which is increase revenue as soon as possible.

To make this happen, we have Pipeline Summit Rules.

  1.   Name 3 things you can implement the very next day

This is to ensure that that speakers back up their suggested
strategy with easy to implement actions for the next day. So if a speaker is
presenting about customer education, they may very well say the next day to
implement a knowledge base, webinar series and open live chat options. But they
must be 3 actionable tips.

  1.   Explain how your company will make it’s next 10 sales

This is the secret sauce. I want speakers to share exactly how
their businesses make sales. It can be affiliate partners, google ad words, or
outbound cold calling, but they must share just how they make direct sales.  

Each and every speaker must include these 2 slides in their presentations.