Sending cold emails and follow ups was a pain in the neck but Woodpecker, created by Matt Tarczyński and Maciej Ciesla, helps B2B companies to connect with their ideal customers. It intelligently automates all tedious tasks related to following up with your prospects.

It’s pretty easy to use. You can integrate it into your mailbox on Gmail or in Outlook in seconds. Your cold emails and follow-ups can be set automatically to be sent one by one so that it looks as if you’re sending them manually. It’s a pretty predictable revenue method as you can send 50 opening emails a day. You can also personalise all the messages so that they don’t look generic and unwelcoming. You can also keep track of who opened your messages and who clicked the links to know how successful you are. And you don’t have to worry about you and your team mates messaging the same person twice: there’s a teamwork security feature installed for that. You won’t spam anyone with accidental messages.

Woodpecker has top class reply detection. It’s able to recognise replies from different addresses, forwards and autoresponders. What’s more, it’s got sophisticated safety mechanisms that can double or triple response rate in the long run. You can always check how well you’re doing as you get your stats. You can check stuff like open rate or reply rate. Soon, they are going to release multichannel automated sales campaigns e.g. cold email, follow on Twitter, follow-up, retweet, another follow-up.

Woodpecker is still growing. They have $20k MRR this month with 220 paying customers and 618 seats, with the churn rate about 6% monthly. They’re getting new customers too, as they have about 35% trial to paid conversion rate. Woodpecker received funding from Xevin Investments and is ready to handle your business leads with aplomb.