LXC.Cloud, Ltd. is a one-click Linux container platform for everyone. That’s right: everyone!

The startup is a cooperation between Prague and London, with Martin Papik as CEO and Mirek Jany as CTO.

“We worked on another project and Linux Containers helped us reduce costs and maximize our computing potential. We switched to Linux Containers completely and decided to make it available and extremely simple to use for anyone,” said Martin Papik.

Right now they’re still self-funded. VC talks are to follow.

LXC.Cloud provides you with ultra-fast provisioning and real-time container management, with speeds up to 1 GB/s to guarantee highest possible performance. The control panel is intuitive and user-friendly.

What’s more, you can manage your containers right within your private cloud right away. The users can regulate container parameters like CPU, memory or disk space depending on your needs, without having to restart the computer. If your company operates in several different locations, you can connect to the containers without any special configurations. Moreover, if you want to, you can set up public access.

LXC.Cloud works across devices and it’s optimised for both your laptop and mobile phone, all the while taking care of your security – every customer gets private dedicated container hypervisors. All container data is encrypted at rest using industry standard encryption algorithms.

The startup is still evolving. For now Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu are available to the users. Fedora, OpenSuSE, Gentoo and more are coming soon as well as one-click full featured application stacks like LAMP, LEMP, Docker, Drupal, Joomla, Node.js and WordPress.

LXC.CLOUD is still a small venture, just at friends and family stage, but it’s entering marketing phase. The prices start from $19.90 per Cloud per month, ensuring that everyone can have some hot, hot container action.