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Everyone who starts up a new company finds themselves asking this question at some point: what software I should use? With so much available, it’s hard to pick the best one out there. No one wants to get stuck using wrong or ineffective tools. That’s where SaasGenius, a Warsaw-based startup, comes in: it helps you find the right software for your business.

During their Inbound Marketing consultancy services, Dorota Zys and Tom Gorski discovered that companies of all sizes were struggling to find the right software to suit their needs. The problem isn’t that the tools aren’t there but that there are so many that people have difficulties choosing the most efficient ones. The abundance of solutions currently available to modern marketers seems to be the cause of a lot of confusion regarding which software is best for a given task.

“While some professionals are flooded with ineffective software solutions which waste their time instead of saving it, others use two or more solutions which could easily be replaced with one, more complex tool. We have decided it was high time we created a hassle-free service where professionals could find the right software to solve their problems and make running a business easier and more pleasant. It was our aim to let people know they can save time and money, and focus on what’s important for their businesses,” Tom Górski said.
SaaSGenius is intuitive and easy to navigate. You don’t have to google the programs as you can find all the information in one place; what’s more, you can browse the category you’re interested in and, thus, use your time more effectively. The users can check out detailed reviews and ratings. If you’re not sure which service to choose, you can always compare the existing tools and choose the one that seems more suitable for you. You can do it all using just one website. Finding the right business software has never been easier and less time-consuming.

When it comes to vendors, they can list their services on SaaSGenius for free. Soon, Premium listings will be available as well. For $197/month, besides the basic options, service providers will be able to get additional services such as activity reports and analytics or access to Marketing Advisors.
At the moment SaasGenius are speaking with VCs about possible founding. Right now 600 software vendors are using their services.