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Mihai Dragan and Andrei Stefan from Bucharest have backgrounds in Computer Science and Financial Management but they loved events. Rather than depend on solutions like Eventbrite, however, they rolled their own and called it Oveit, allowing themselves – and their customers – complete control over their events. They recently launched the product publicly and it combines all the tools you might need to organise an event successfully.

Oveit is a cloud tool that allows event organisers to manage their events, registration data, customer relationships, and cash flow. It contains everything you might need as an organiser. It works great for both formal and less formal occasions; it’ll be just as convenient when you’re selling concert tickets as when you’re organising a business conference.

It runs embedded on your website and implementation is as easy as copy and pasting a few lines of code. Moreover, it works well across devices so it’ll be accessible for both computer and mobile users. You can sell tickets directly on your website instead of using third parties, which will effectively lower the costs. You’ll be able to generate eTickets and Oveit will provide you with free scanning apps at the event. What’s more, you’ll receive the payments right away, straight to your account.
You won’t have to worry about the taxes either, as Oveit is designed to compute and add them automatically, no matter whether you’re EU or US based. Invoices will be taken care of as well; they’ll be generated automatically in your name.

Besides ticket selling, you’ll get the access to financial and sales reports as well as you’ll be able to keep track of your event’s attendees. This will give you an insight into their preferences and a possibility to tweak various aspects of the event to meet their likes to make it even more profitable.

Oveit has received 100,000 Euro in funding and they have noted a 1.200% increase in processed fees. Their rates vary from 3% per ticket to 1$, depending on what plan you choose.

There are dozens if not hundreds of event apps out there and every one is a little different. What makes Oveit stand out is its simplicity and easy-of-use, a real breath of fresh air in an era of ridiculously complex user interfaces. Dare we say we lOve Oveit?