Managing an online marketing campaign can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to attract new users, but you have to prevent the current ones from disappearing and provide them with an amazing experience. Juggling chats, e-mails, newsletters and events can easily slip out of control. This is where UserEngage – a marketing automation platform – joins us, handing you all the data you will ever need and equipping you with a powerful, yet intuitive tool to create and manage your own campaign.

Greg Warzecha, a highly-skilled developer and an experienced entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of UserEngage. He previously created, an open source project based on social initiatives. “While struggling with a low conversion rate and way too high churn rate, I couldn’t find a tool to effectively engage users,” he said. “Being disappointed with the lack of any sort of integration of the present tools, I decided to build his own platform.”

UserEngage effectively merges three main components into an integrated platform. The first component is a user database, which presents detailed information about users’ activities, reactions to the content you provide, and all other data that you require. This data can be organized, analyzed and even graphed in an easy-to-understand manner. The second feature are conversation with users, either live (by chat) or by e-mail, all stored in one place for your reference. The third and most powerful component is a drag-and-drop intuitive interface that allows you to automate certain actions. For example, you can create a path that sends a personalized e-mail every time an event link is clicked, or assigns a 10% discount to all users who came to your website from Facebook.

The appearance of this platform is fully customizable – you can either choose from a variety of templates for all elements (chat boxes, pop-ups, e-mails etc.) or assign your own with brand logos or information.

UserEngage is a paid service, offering flexible payment plans starting with a $49 monthly subscription. A free 30-day trial version is also available. Extensive tutorials, including multiple templates and step-by-step videos, are available on the UserEngage website.

This platform is best suited for SaaS and e-commerce businesses. The company has already obtained 50 paying customers without neither external funding nor launching a marketing campaign. It is also successful in startup competitions – it has been awarded 2nd place during Seedstars Warsaw 2016 and has made the Polish CESA shortlist for best user experience.

While there are many platforms that aim to make managing your campaign easier, UserEngage is the first one that fully integrates all important features in an intuitive manner. Now, getting your customers’ attention is only a few clicks away.

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