Unsure what the customers think of the new update? Or perhaps you just want to improve your customers experience and get more subscribers? Survicate is an all-in-one customer feedback tool which may help you do just that.

The startup originates from Warsaw with Kamil Rejent, product manager at Konica Minolta and Samsung, as its founder and CEO.

Their funding is $135k received in the seed round 18 months ago.

Like many other cool projects this one was born out of frustration. Kamil was looking for a tool to collect feedback on a website to help him get his job done but didn’t find any solution that would meet his needs. So he decided to create one. That’s how Survicate was brought to life.

Survicate’s primary purpose is to give you insights into what your customers think. Through uninvasive customer surveys on your website or sent via email, you can get more information about your customers while at the same time not scare them off. The key is to get the information and not make anyone feel like you’re wasting their free time. Survicate manages to do just that. It uses transactional messages to get to know your customers better. A subscriber cancelled their subscription? Survicate uses that as an opportunity to find out what made them leave to help you avoid more losses.

All that to further develop your business to attract more customers and give them exactly the options they need. You won’t need to guess anymore, you’ll have all the information right in front of you.

“Let’s put this way: if I worked in a marketing team somewhere else, I would use Survicate. It helps me learn about our customers and website visitors so I can prepare more effective campaigns and find new growth channels. And after a recent update, I’m not afraid to say that our product really rocks, even though it still requires improvements and we’re constantly working on them,” said Kamil Rejent.

After a recent product update, Survicate users can collect feedback with website surveys, feedback widgets, one-click email surveys, NPS email surveys and questionnaires. Survicate is now the only complete customer feedback tool designed for SMB. Competitors either focus on one feature (like Qualaroo, for example) or target enterprise clients (like Qualtrics); Survicate does it all.

At the moment they have 100 paying customers, with their monthly recurring revenue over $9k.