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Looking for a new tech job? Don’t want to waste forever trying to find the best offer in your region? can help you with that. It’s a Cracow-based startup that offers quick and easy to navigate search engine and data base for tech-related jobs.

They’re bootstrapping and not earning any money yet. They have, however, 80k UU/month and growing. is a collaboration between Ania Bywanis, a digital marketer and Sebastian Pawluś, a software developer.

“It started as a side project, to help Sebastian solve his own problem. He has spent a few years working as a freelance developer, doing projects for different companies. To get new clients, he would search the Hacker News’ Who is hiring thread and get frustrated with: the lack of a good search [engine], inconsistency in naming conventions (NY, New York, SF, SOMA, San Francisco), jobs located in places that would not normally show in a search (Palo Alto, not SF). He figured that putting offers on a map would help him understand his options better. He posted the solution for others to use freely and the response (136 comments, 546 points and many days spent at the top of HN) blew him away. He realised the need for such tool and decided to start working on it full time,” said Ania Bywanis. is a live tech job board aggregating 17 sources from around the globe and describe themselves as the largest source for tech-job offers. It’s a fast search engine, which shows the results on the map instantly. It’s also incredibly easy to use; all you have to do is choose a city on the map or put it into the search engine and let whoishiring do the rest. You can browse all the current job offers available in your region.

The data sources include both big tech job boards and smaller ones. That means that you can find offers posted on Github, StackOverflow, Behance, or the Hacker News’ Who is hiring thread, as well as more specialised or local sources eg.,, What’s more, around 50 job offers/month are added directly to their page by directly the companies, which is more than some of their sources post. is developing rapidly. Recently, they’ve introduced company profiles to save the visitors a few minutes of googling the places. Their long-term goal is having every open industry position catalogued and accessible at and to be the go-to source for all job seekers. Which basically means they want to replace the current flawed, cumbersome, and costly systems with their easy to navigate website.