While the Turris Omnia wireless router may sound like the name of a dark god buried in the swamps of Old Europe it’s actually a pretty cool product. This Indiegogo-funded router is completely open source, allowing you to update and modify the OpenWRT operating system on a whim and ensuring that you’ll be safe and secure while you browse the interwebs.

 Think of the Omnia as a sort of wireless testbed. It works just fine out of the box, updating itself automatically and generally doing the things routers are supposed to do. But if you need to add features there’s a built in SIM card slot, a random number generating chip, and completely open source hardware and software.

The standard model costs about $300 and it is shipping now. The company raised $1.2 million on Indiegogo and is now available on Alza for pre-order.

The coolest thing? The router comes to us from Prague, a city long associated with beer, castles, and open source networking products. It’s an exciting thing to see hardware coming out of the CEE of this quality and coolness.