Choosing a price for your product is always tricky: it needs to be low enough to attract customers and high enough to ensure profit. Finding the best solution usually requires an extensive and time-consuming market research. Dealavo Smart Prices is a tool that changes this exhausting process into a simple and fully automatic one.
“Our technology is based on machine learning, thus offers matching process is fully automated. What’s more, the system “learns” customers’ choices and provides better and better results after every pricing update,” says Kamil Kamiński, Head of Sales at Dealavo.

This product, targeted at manufacturers and online store owners, uses advanced algorithms to analyze the situation on the market. Firstly, it gathers price-related data from price comparison websites, online stores and auctions. Then, it compares your and competitors’ products and pinpoints the ones that are overpriced or underpriced. It also creates a report with smart suggestions of the most effective solutions you can implement. Thanks to automatic intelligent algorithms, this platform – according to the Dealavo team – can save you several hundred of hours per month.

Additionally, Dealavo keeps an eye on your competition and monitors their price updates. It notifies you with immediate email alerts to make you able to react, for example, to a short-term sale.

Dealavo is a product of CodiLime, a company providing software services in three main areas – Networks, Security and Big Data Science & Deep Learning. Thanks to CodiLime, the backup of the platform consists of the best developers in Poland, including former nVidia, facebook and Microsoft employees in Silicon Valley. The CEO of Dealavo, Jakub Kot, is a former developer of Gadu-Gadu (a Polish internet communicator).

The platform is currently self-funded, with the backing of CodiLime. Even without external investors it has already over 100 clients from Poland and other European markets, including companies such as Samsung, Decathlon, Epson, Ceramika Paradyż, Alza.CZ or Elefant.RO.