Want to find a good tech job? Or are you looking for a skilled employee? SkillHunt can help you either way.
SkillHunt is a spinoff founded by Neoteric, a software and venture development company (32nd in this year’s Deloitte CE Tech Top 50, founders of eg. SaaSMgr). The team behind it include, among others, Mateusz Kurleto (CEO of the software company), Tomek Jurek (marketer, recruiter, venture developer) as well as freelance recruiters in Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan and Rzeszow.
SkillHunt was founded as a source for candidates for Neoteric and it quickly turned out it can function as an independent project. Now it’s an IT recruitment platform, which aims to reach passive candidates by paying high cash rewards for peer-2-peer recommendations.

Users can apply themselves or they can refer their friends. This system helps to get the most suitable candidates for the job so that the recruiter doesn’t have to worry about the entire screening process.
SkillHunt takes care of everything for you. All you have to do is define the number of job offers and list them in the app; next, you get candidate proposals provided by SkillHunt, and that’s it. Long story short, it saves you time and money.

They’ve raised $220,000 in seed money from the Inventity Foundation.
They’re developing rapidly. The company started just in January, the online platform was launched in April and some really cool companies have signed in since then. They actively recruit both in Poland and abroad. For example, in July they signed Amazon, with 300 vacancies to fill in. If they fill all the vacancies, their revenue will amount to $2.5M.