There’s no denying that managing finances is hard. A Starbucks coffee here, a few beers there and you end up wondering where money suddenly disappears from your pocket. Tom Koszyk from Blinq/Hologram feels your pain and offers to help, creating a fuss-free app to help you manage your spendings and see where your money is secretly leaking.
The idea behind the project is very simple. You need to think of your expenses to learn about your finances and Blinq is designed to help you do just that. All you have to do is download the app (available for your iPhone and as an Apple Watch companion app) and start putting in your expenses. No need to add your personal info, your credit card or anything of the sort. Install the app and begin tracking where your money goes.
Blinq is very simple in design. It requires you to input all your expenses manually and divides them into 7 main categories (of course, you can add your own but the existing cats are actually very sufficient). Why do it manually? Because that’s what makes you think. It doesn’t take much to order that caramel macchiato every day but when you take time to add it up into your expense-record, you might realise just how much you’re wasting on unnecessary things. At the same time Blinq makes manual tracking of your expenses as painless and efficient as possible.
As Tom Koszyk, the founder, said: “Financial security is one of the keys to stress-free life. Yet, many people struggle to keep their funds balanced because they don’t understand their personal finances.”
Blinq is designed to help you do just that. It analyses your spending patterns at the end of each month using simple intuitive stats and charts the app provides. The stats are going to help you learn where and when your money is leaking, thus, allowing you to save it. All in all, Blinq is designed to be efficient and effortless to use making it a perfect solution for busy people.
Blinq’s just been created and is quickly getting new subscribers. If you want to check it out, it’s available in AppStore for $3.99.