Skip to main content is a unified back-end – the “Wordpress” for transaction-related products like mobile banks, payment systems or e-wallets. The company also offers a marketplace for FinTech APIs, helping new players pick the best of existing tools to create a new financial architecture.

“70% of every Fintech product is a back-end which is invisible, yet the most crucial part which deals with functionality, security and scalability,” said Alex Malyshev, CEO and co-founder of “According to our research dozen thousands of managers across the globe face the challenge of Fintech product development this year. An average company spends up to one year, developing a product from scratch.” offers a solution to this problem: a prefabricated, modular back-end that can be used in thousands of products. platform consists of three layers. The basis of all functional modules is the technology. The platform uses Java Enterprise Edition, Oracle DB and cloud server infrastructure AWS. The essence of are ready-to-go modules that can be freely chosen, configured and customized. For example, except of the basic transaction engine, the customers can choose a module for user profiles and a separate one for contracts. To cap it all off, the third layer of the platform allows for thorough integration with specific tools like ID verifications. This software can be combined with other systems, either through the API’s with customer’s own software or with third-party software (for example Visa/MasterCard or Amazon web services).

This modular “pre-fab” system allows for a spectacular reduction of time and cost required to launch a new financial product. The team states that using their products decreases capital expenses by 90% and time input by at least 80%.  For instance, it takes just one day to launch your own e-wallet. Apart from back-end, the company offers custom-made product development, from project documentation to front-end – a comprehensive visual style for the product.

The idea of launching first appeared in 2014. Since then, the team won 13 clients from 8 countries, including USA, Czech Republic and Ghana. In 2015, the company was recognized as the best Fintech startup in the Czech Republic.

The platform is constantly developed and improved. On November 7th, announced an upgrade in system architecture (implementation of AnguarJS 2.0 framework). Plans for the future include expansion to Asian market and cooperation with local fintech companies.