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ARTSTAQ (Automated Rating & Trading Standard for Art Quotation), a Prague and London collaboration, is here to help you with art quotation. They’re there for artists, galleries as well as investors and their job is to help you get a good quote for your art piece.
The project started two years ago when Roman Komarek and Jozef Barta decided to create a completely new marketplace for art trading. They have different backgrounds: Roman Komarek specialises in technology, architecture and design, while the art collector Jozef Barta is in banking. Together, they managed to create a pretty awesome thing.
“We are on a mission to completely change the art market problems – low transparency, lack of liquidity, missing market rules. Solving these issue will help all the market participants – artists, galleries, curators, collectors and investors.”
Artstaq creates a new marketplace for art trading, based on capital markets principles such as real-time trading, transparent data and rating. The platform evaluates the artist’s investment stability and assesses art’s value. Basing on independent art reviews, they calculate reliable prices. The aim is to attract new investors to the art market and potentially increase the overall size of the market significantly. The platform supplies you with analyses which may help in making sound decisions.
Moreover, they provide an exchange platform called Artex500. It offers an easily understandable SaaS real-time trading system. With no additional costs, you can diversify your investment portfolios into art.
Artstaq has been operational for a bit over a month and it’s got EUR 500.000 in founding. It already has about 400 registered users and over 40 transactions executed on their platform so far.