Innovation Nest Fund invested in Wayman, a Gdynia-based startup. Wayman wants to go international with their ERP system for AEC industry companies. In 2015 Wayman’s founders took part in Innovation Nest’s Growth! programme and apparently it paid off, resulting in them getting them 2 million PLN (approx. $480,000) to develop sales, marketing, customer service and their tech department.
“Wayman meets all the criteria we set when looking for attractive companies. They’ve discovered a very promising niche and they’re developing business system that answers a serious demand and the founders are planning to conquer the global market with their programme,” says Marek Kapturkiewicz from Innovation Nest.
You may be asking yourself behind that innovative project? Piotr Bilon, who has experience in both design in Polish shipyard and management, and Marcin Konstantynowicz, a high-skilled software developer and the main architect of the system.
The project came to life when they worked together in NED-Project, a design company. This was the place where the system was born to life in its initial shape and where they started to develop it further. In NED-Project it proved to be the perfect support tool not just for this one particular company, but for whole industry. Marcin and Piotr then decided to move forward and as a two-man-army start a company, Wayman. From that day forth the company continues to grow, increasing both the team and most importantly, the clients. In five years they developed from a start-up to a business which supports the biggest Polish companies on AEC industry and now are preparing themselves to enter new markets.
Wayman is ERP system tailored strictly for AEC industry companies. It helps them in a simple, yet powerful way, to control their projects eg. budgets, team’s engagement, tasks completion and everything what gives a clear vision of the company’s position. This tool is designed for organisations that want to give and get the most out of their work and increase their effectiveness.
Piotr Bilon, the cofounder of Wayman notes that “Design goes hand-in-hand with informational chaos which is a result of large amounts of corrections implemented by all sides. In effect, we no longer know who’s responsible for the delays, going over the budget or bad quality.”
That’s exactly where Wayman comes in. And what makes it special is that it’s tailored strictly for AEC industry special needs. It helps companies to control every step on the way of creating and implementing projects. Users have a clear vision of the whole process.
They were doing quite well on their own. Until now they were bootstrapping and their sales rates allowed them to develop their project. Their MRR has been growing 20% per month on average since February 2016. Wayman has about 1500 users, and about 600 of them are in a SaaS model.