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If you don’t want to spend forever managing your invoices, check out Scanye, a Polish startup that processes your invoices for you.
Tadeusz Chruściel (CEO), Krzysztof Otto (CTO) and Łukasz Podgajny (CMO) have backgrounds in Finances, IT and Economics. They created their business with a simple thought in mind: “Paperwork takes time and time is money.” As soon as they realised how much money is wasted on processing the paperwork alone, they decided to do something about it.
“Our CEO Tadeusz and I started working for a market research company. On one of the first trainings, we have learned that the company collects almost 100,000 documents and has a special team of approximately 15 people who manually type in all the data from the paper bills to Excel. Then, we started to look around and discovered that this is not the only case where people sacrifice their precious time to do manual tasks that have to be accomplished, but don’t add value to the company. So we decided to create a solution that will enable people to delegate those tasks to AI,” said Łukasz Podgajny.
That’s where Scanye comes in. It’s a project aimed at delegating boring and repetitive tasks to computers so that your employees (or you) don’t have to waste your time completing time-consuming tasks that can be taken care of quickly. It enables people to automatically process invoices for payments and accounting to save time on typing in the data. Scanye extracts all the necessary data from invoices, properly labels it and forwards to online banking or accounting software.
It’s intuitive and very easy to use. All you have to do is upload all your invoices into the system and confirm the data extracted from the invoice. Scanye highlights all the relevant parts to make it more readable. All that’s left for you is to make a payment either through your accounting system or directly through your bank.
What’s important, unlike other solutions on the market, Scanye doesn’t require users to create templates for invoices. It can read easily read the invoices it hasn’t encountered before. It thinks like a human so it’s capable of data extraction without any additional help like templates, QR codes or meta-data. All of this translates into better performance of your finance departments; accountants can serve more clients or business units and you don’t have to worry about expanding your team.
As for now, Scanye is still self-funded. They’ve just started talking with angel investors about a seed round. if you’re interested, you can test it for free.