If you’ve got an idea for a startup but lacked the will to actually sit down and get to work, Wrocław Startup Weekend is exactly what you might’ve been waiting for. This 54-hour frenzy, which starts on 25th November, may give you the opportunity to create that cool business you’ve been dreaming for years.

This year Wrocław Startup Weekend’s theme is Finance Technology. They’re looking for new innovative ideas in new technologies, finance and business.

“The upcoming Wrocław Startup Weekend will be something completely new! The previous edition’s success proves that everyone here in Wrocław is thirsty for events like this one. That’s why we’ve gone a step further in organising FinTech: new venues, new partners and even more opportunities” says Jan Nowak, organiser of Wrocław Startup Weekend.

As always, the rules are the same. Everyone can present their ideas for innovative business and present them. After that the participants have exactly 54hrs to team up, choose the most alluring concepts and prepare their future startup. It’s a wild ride of choosing type of business or service you want to provide, business models, discuss how much funding you need and even prepare prototypes. All that is advised by handpicked and experienced mentors, who will help you alter your project to be as eye-catching as it can be for both prospect investors and customers.
“This year we’ve got an amazing group of mentors and investors coming to us from all over the world. We’re really proud we’ll be able to work with such remarkable and creative professionals,” Jan Nowak adds.

The event ends in all groups presenting their projects. The best ones are going to receive prizes and funding offers.
So, if you’re interested in FinTech and want to take part in this year’s Wrocław Startup Weekend, you can sign up online. Everyone interested in new tech, design, programming or business are welcome to try. It doesn’t matter whether you have experience in business, everyone is welcome to try their strengths.

Startup Weekend is the biggest startup community in the world and it organises workshops and bootcamps for newbie startuppers in over 150 countries. thanks to their previous successful events Mobile Vikings, Intive and Google joined them this year.