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You probably know this situation: you just found the perfect flat on the real estate agent’s website. The photos are simply stunning, so you rush to schedule a viewing, only to discover that in reality the flat is dark, the layout awful, and all photos appear to have been taken with a fisheye. This is where GeoCV steps in – with its 3D interior models, you can now take a virtual tour around the flat without even leaving your desk.

“Our product consists of 3 parts: a mobile app for 3D scanning, cloud software for automatic processing and 3D viewer for web, mobile and VR/AR,” explains Anton Yakubenko, the CEO of GeoCV. “The app is intended for new-generation smartphones with 3D cameras, e.g. Google Project Tango. Anyone, even without special training, can scan a home or an office in minutes. Our software automatically stitches the captured video and 3D measurements into a high-quality volumetric 3D model and 360 panoramas. The content can be further viewed from any angle on any device in our 3D viewer.”

GeoCV founders, Anton Yakubenko and Gleb Krivovyaz, are 3D computer vision veterans with over 11 years of experience. They got their PhDs from Graphics & Media Lab of Moscow State University, the top computer vision research lab in Russia. After working on R&D projects with Samsung, they founded three different companies, with GeoCV as the fourth one. It seems that this time, their dream of enabling everyone capturing the world in 3D may come true.

The key feature of GeoCV is that they provide the best visual quality results with no specialist hardware required. GeoCV solution requires only a $500 smartphone with a 3D camera instead of $5000 professional hardware. Currently they focus on 3D scanning of interior spaces, in particular, for real estate virtual tours. Their research shows that 3D tours bring 90% more views and allow for selling 30% faster. A package of 3D virtual tour, 2D floor plan and professional service is offered starting at $99 per listing.

GeoCV participated in Starta Accelerator program. Starta Accelerator was initiated by Starta Capital, one of the leading VC funds in Russia, and is now a go-to advisor for startups with East European roots who want to enter the US market.

GeoCV has already raised $700k from 4 venture capital companies, including Rothenberg Ventures, the most active investor in virtual reality, and is currently closing a new $2M round. The product is currently in closed beta piloting with a few customers in the United States.