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Recently, researchers uncovered a botnet with 1.8 billions of bots, built exclusively on top of IoT devices such as smart light bulbs, smart TVs or home routers. It has the power to shut down any Internet site in a couple of seconds. TeskaLabs, a mobile security startup from Prague, commits to neutralizing such threats by providing their expertise and guidance in building and operating mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

“The mobile application security market is very scattered. Vendors address only one tiny area in the whole problem space. It means that a customer has to buy multiple products (typically incompatible technologies) to solve their problem – and that sucks,” says Cindy Dam, the Marketing & Community Manager at TeskaLabs. Solutions proposed by this startup are comprehensive and appropriate for large-scale mobile apps, for example O2 Czech Republic and their point-of-sale eKasa application.

TeskaLabs’ journey started with Ales Teska, the founder and CEO. He was frustrated that there were virtually no solutions available on the market that would be secure, economical for businesses and easy to use for developers as himself. In 2014, together with Vladimira Teskova, they founded Teska Labs with the main objective of keeping up with the challenge of ever-changing security environment for mobile and IoT devices.

Their main service – protecting mobile businesses – consists of a few stages. First, the team from TeskaLabs assesses the security of your app, looks at the code and analyses the app’s architecture. Only then do they implement their solutions, making sure the functionality of your app doesn’t change. They also supply you with all knowledge necessary for further maintenance, keep monitoring the security of your app and provide help in case of any incidents.

TeskaLabs is a novelty on the market – there is no other solution at this stage in Europe. This startup was placed in the top 1% early-stage companies rated by Early Metrics, a European-based rating agency. They are also a member of Microsoft BizPark Plus, a strategic partner of O2 Czech Republic, and a Cisco Solution Partner.

In 2015, backed by tech accelerators StartupYard and Techstars, TeskaLabs raised €350K from a mix of private and institutional investors led by Credo Ventures.