DailyArt, Everytap and Listonic seemingly have very little in common. DailyArt is an art app where you can learn History of Art daily. Everytap helps you pay less in your favourite restaurants and bars. Listonic is a shopping app with lots of cool options. They’ve two things in common: they’re available on Android and Google has featured their success stories.

Google provides tech and support to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow online. They’ve been investing in helping as many people who are interested in succeeded in an online business as they’re able. Google provides free online trainings, organise Google Campus meetups and lots of other initiatives. One of them is A Growth Engine for Europe, where they feature startup success stories from 35 countries. All in hope they’ll manage to inspire more young entrepreneurs to start their dream business. However, they don’t just settle down on telling business stories; you can also find encouraging information about cultural organisations, non-profits or education sector.

“Poland and CEE have one of the most advanced developer ecosystems in the worlds. Most programmers are professional mobile developers, even though they still mainly work for others instead of making their own products. That’s why we offer not only technology but also help. We’re happy seeing how our tech helps others turn their ideas into a blooming business,” says Przemek Pardel, Developer Relations Community Manager w Google.

It’s clear that professionals don’t have any problems working on Android and it becomes a very powerful tool in their hands. DailyArt, Everytap and Listonic say it’s flexible and allows for fast distribution of the app. What’s more, direct contact with customers helps create a well-operating app. These startup prove that mobile apps provided by Polish startups are as good as those created abroad. If Polish entrepreneurs want to conquer European or even global market, absolutely nothing stands in their way to success.