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Whoever thinks that startups have to be just fintech and serious business tech is deeply wrong. Here comes Lovely, a sex toy and an app that makes couples scream with joy.

Lovely’s founders, Jakub Konik and Tomasz Badyla are experienced makers. Konik, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur working in the digital and entertainment business for over 6 years. He runs his own digital marketing agency, a new media website and PR and a guerrilla for sex toy manufacturer and one of the biggest dating sites in the world. Tomasz Badyla, Co-Founder and CTO, is an Embedded System Engineer with a passion, with over 5 years of experience in embedded hardware and software. In his free time he develops various motion sensing devices and teaches people how to do that magic through his YouTube channel. Together with a team of sexologists, sex educators, industrial designers, and programmers they have created Lovely: world’s first smart sex toy.

“Over two years ago, after a particularly intense night with my partner we started wondering how many calories we just burned. I replied that there must be an app for that and actually started looking for it, but found nothing. I did some more research, talked to sexologists, industrial designers and engineers, and realized that we could create a device that not only tells you how many calories you burn during sex, but actually understands your desires and helps you pursue them, “ said Jakub Konik.

Lovely is an ecosystem consisting of hardware, software and sexology knowledge from our network of experts. Everything works in parallel to provide people with much more value than a simple vibrating sex toy does.

Lovely has got the option of calorie calculator Konik initially aimed at. So, if you’ve ever wondered how much exercise you do in bed, you can finally find out. However, Lovely can do so much more. It’s a cross between a cock ring and a clitoris stimulator so it enhances both your and your partner’s experience. It monitors your movements during sex and the data is used to provide you with personalised tips and ideas to make your sex life better. Lovely App suggests new positions and stimulation techniques that you two might enjoy. What’s more, it may help you and your partner talk more about sex which is an important part of good sex life.

The funding so far is $150,000 from Konik and Badyla’s own pockets. Their pre-seed will be anywhere between $120,000 and $200,000 from Arkley, their investor. So far there have been over 120 pre-orders and 39 couples applied to be their open beta testers and paid for the product.  Dozens of big name retailers (e.g. Brookstone) and distributors are waiting for Lovely’s first mass production samples.

Want to check it out? At the moment Lovely is available in presale for $99 on Lovely’s website, 40% off the original price. You don’t have to worry about making it fit: it’s made of stretchy medical silicone so it’s allergy free and stretchy enough to fit all sizes.