MEDmeetsTECH Conference

1 December, 2016

Biblioteka Narodowa

aleja Niepodległości 213

Warszawa, Poland


About The Event

MEDmeetsTECH is conference for both the medical and technical environment. It is a one-day-long event dedicated to all who want to learn about the most recent discoveries of medicine and about the innovative applications of these discoveries by engineers all over the world.

Experts – scientists, doctors and entrepreneurs – will introduce the results of their work, present innovative technological solutions and discuss the latest trends in medicine.  Topics like wearables, big data or bionics are bound to appear during the conference.

As the organizers say, “the main aim of MEDmeetsTECH is to create a space for people with different skills to discuss, exchange experiences and build connections. We believe that enabling cooperation between medics, technology experts, engineers and inventors will result in projects that may help regular people to live a better life.”

During the conference, the participants will be able to take part in discussion panels and cooperate during special networking sessions. The presence of experts from both medical and entrepreneurial fields ensures the opportunity to broaden the perspective of all who will either be there in person or watch the livestream of the conference. Additionally, a part of the program is devoted to the presentation of successful medtech startups and other medical projects.

One of the guest speakers is Genta Kondo, a NGO Mission ARM Japan member and the constructor of the Hackberry bionic hand.