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Detest running to let someone into the building every time your entry phone rings? You’re not the only one. Guys and gals from Predica are working on Nofo, an entry phone that you can use on your phone. They’re running a fundraiser right now to be able to carry out their awesome idea and their goal is 50,000 PLN (approximately $12,000) to be able to start production later next year.

Everyone hates running to the entry phone whenever someone is trying to enter the building. It’s almost a routine by now: entry phone rings, you have to run and buzz someone in and go back to doing whatever you were doing, then a couple of minutes later the doorbell rings and you let your guest in. Although it’s disruptive and a waste of time, it’s something we consider inevitable.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With Nofo, you’ll be able to let people in without stopping whatever you were doing. How? It connects to your WiFi and allows you to operate the entrance through your mobile. Welcome in the 21st century where mobile devices help you manage your time more economically. Waiting for a delivery? You can buzz the Fedex guy in without having to stop working. You’re having a big party? You no longer have to excuse your guests every other minute because someone is trying to get in. One click on your mobile is all it’ll take to let them in.

Nofo has all the functions of a traditional entry phone; you’ll still be able to have audio conversations and let everyone in. But it has a lot of other perks: besides using the entry phone on your mobile, you’ll be able to set the time when the gate opens automatically or mute it (for example during the night time so it doesn’t wake you up). Ideally, it’ll be able to pair with the phones of all the residents and it’s compatible with Android and iOS. All it needs is a WiFi.

You can set it up everywhere; both in old tenant houses and in a new building. You don’t need to make any alternation, rip the walls open. Nothing of the kind. All you have to do is connect it to the same wiring your old entry phone was connected.

The idea emerged during the Predica Challenge tech contest. The winning team who’s developing the project emerged from a few dozen students from Polish universities who took part in the challenge. They’re trying to make everyday life easier by questioning one of the most rudiment tech solutions practically everyone uses. At the moment, Nofo is still in its prototype stage but if they reach their goal, the product should be ready within a year.

The prices start from 100 PLN (approx. $20) and it’s available on PolakPotrafi (a Polish version of Kickstarter) till December 31.