If you’re travelling and need to find the best currency rate available right now, check out Xchanger, multi-broker currency exchange platform that allows you to exchange your money as cheaply as possible.

Monika Kania is the CEO and Founder of this Warsaw and London collaboration. She graduated in International Management and is an experienced manager, who’s worked in corporates as well as in e-commerce companies.

The idea came to Kania because she had to deal with money exchanges for years. She attended university and worked in Germany and everytime she went home, she had to exchange her Euros to Polish Złoty. When comparing available possibilities to exchange money, she noticed bank fees were extremely high and currency exchange by stationary exchange operators aren’t always especially safe. In her professional life, she had to deal with money transfers and was looking for solution enabling her to save on hidden bank fees by comparing live exchange rates and transfer costs. Since there was no such solution website available, she decided to create it herself.

Her idea turned out to be a success. She’s got 85,000 EUR in the first Seed Round.

Xchanger.io is the only comparison platform comparing live currency rates as well as the total cost of transaction such as operator’s fees or transfer costs. Their comparison widget enables to compare both types of transaction: currency exchange for own needs and international money transfers. They’re currently working on an advanced solution enabling to choose the most efficient operator and initiate transaction with just one click in Xchanger. Long term, they aim to become first place comparison platform when as a source of information and a service provider.

It’s still a young inniciative and has started operating this year. They have 5,000 UU/month in xchanger.io service and using the comparison widgets implemented by affiliates and the traction’s steadily growing 15% monthly.