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As 3D printers become more popular, the need for experts in 3D modeling keeps growing. A few years ago 3D modeling was a skill restricted to those with specialist software and pricey licenses. VECTARY, a startup from Bratislava, opposes this trend, making 3D modeling accessible for everyone with their easy-to-use browser tool.

“Current professional 3D software is complicated, extremely expensive, and requires installation – that does also not allow a community to collaborate around 3D modeling”, said Mirka Biel from VECTARY. “With our technology, stack users can create complex shapes really fast; this is not possible when modeling with CAD tools.”

VECTARY provides a powerful 3D engine that combines mesh modeling (creating objects with points, lines and surfaces) and subdivision modeling (turning low-density models into smooth, complex ones) with parametric plugins. For example, you can create a complex model of a wheel tire and customize it in a matter of seconds. The tool is accessible from browser without any installation. You can also import and export models to the standard 3D formats. Users can begin their adventure with the tutorials provided by VECTARY even with no former experience. Professionals will find that even though the platform is simple to use, it is powerful enough to support more complex designs.

A unique feature of VECTARY is the focus on collaboration. The company provides a platform for sharing models, similar to GitHub for 3D. Each user can create up to 5 private models and share an unlimited number of them under a CC license. Once the platform introduces paid subscription plans, it will be possible to create projects for commercial use as well.

Michal Koor, the CEO and co-founder of VECTARY, has almost 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has extensive expertise in 3D modeling & 3D printing and co-founded FORMLAB, one of the largest prototyping studios in CEE. Over 50 of his designs are being manufactured in millions of pieces each year. Pavol Sovis, the CTO of VECTARY, is a developer with over 10 years of experience. He co-founded BONETICS, an award-winning software house, and created the biggest co-working space in Slovakia.

The company managed to secure over $2.8 mln funding in three rounds. Their main backers include BlueYard Capital, a Berlin-based venture capital firm specializing in decentralizing markets and empowering users, Neulogy Ventures, a young Bratislava-based venture capital firm focusing on seed investments in tech startups, and several angel investors.

Even though VECTARY is currently in public beta stage, the library of user-created models is quite impressive already. From simple design such as bowls and mugs to complex robots and realistic furniture – beta users prove that this tool has enormous potential. We’re looking forward to seeing these designs in 3D print!