Smart cars, smart lightbulbs, smart pill bottles – the Internet of Things is endless. With great power comes great responsibility, however. Not only the IoT devices need to be programmed in a way that ensures maximum convenience, but they also need to be secure. This is where ThingBlox, a promising Hungarian startup, steps in with its simple and secure piece of hardware designed specifically for IoT solutions.

ThingBlox was founded in 2014 by Gabor Borjan, the current company CEO and CTO. He is an expert in secure communications and the inventor of FlatStack, the world’s smallest webserver with embedded security engine.

The key idea of ThingBlox is to provide a simple, yet secure solution for manufacturers that does not require any coding. The ThingBlox is a piece of hardware that can be connected to any device. All blocks are universal pieces that can be reused multiple times. The manufacturer can configure functionality of the IoT device from the level of a web browser, choosing from tons of services available. The device communicates directly with other IoT appliances and Internet-connected computers using standard networks, such as WiFi and LoRaWAN. The best part? All layers of communication are secured with reliable strong cryptography.

This startup targets manufacturers and IoT providers who just begin their adventure with IoT environment. Their solution reduces the time and investment required to enter the market.

Even though ThingBlox is still bootstrapped, it has already been awarded the CESA 2016 as the best IoT startup in Hungary. The company cooperates with General Electric on the first pilot project. We’re definitely keeping our fingers crossed for them.