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Warsaw is going green. Mytaxi is getting electric cabs for the capital city of Poland. Right now there are just half a dozen of them available but next year mytaxi is planning to increase the number to 30. So, if you’re eco-friendly, you can now choose ‘eco-Taxi’ option in the app.

No matter how fashionable or cool electric cabs are, there is one major setback in getting more of them in Poland at the moment. As you can guess, the number of electric cabs in all large cities is strictly tied to the number of charging points available for the drivers. After all what good would eco-friendly cars if they weren’t even operational?

“The infrastructure to charge an electric car is a challenge,” says Krzysztof Urban, the General Manager of mytaxi in Poland. “At the moment there are only a dozen charging stations in Warsaw, varying in capacity and charging power. An electric car can ride around 100-150 kilometres on one charge; a cab driver drives approximately 200 km every day. Despite those problems we wish to develop our electric cab fleet working alongside with Electrotaxi, out partner.”

What’s more, Electrotaxi is providing the cars with free Wi-Fi. As of next year, there’re going to be tablets available to the customers to make their journey even more comfortable. You’ll also be able to play your favourite music on Spotify.

Electric cabs are a complete novelty in Warsaw. Electrotaxi and mytaxi are hoping that the comforts of the journey will make more people choose this form of transport. Hopefully, if that works out, more electric cabs will be available, which will cause more charging stations to appear. Although right now they’re still scarce, there’s finally a chance of popularising greener public transport.