Tired of networking and swapping business cards in hope of finding a potential client? Growbots may have a solution for you: an A.I. powered engine that generates lists of prospects according to your criteria and automates your e-mail campaigns.

Growbots began as a lead generation agency that helped startups and bigger companies meet their potential customers. As the needs of their clients grew, the team decided to automate the process with A.I. algorithms. Soon after that, they became a member of 500 Startups accelerator program. Currently the company, generating $250k monthly revenue, is one of the few Polish startups recognized in the famous Silicon Valley.

As of today, Growbots provide access to a database of over 200 million decision-makers who can become prospects of your company. This data is gathered from 20 different sources and has superior quality with 10% bounce rate at the most. Users can choose the decision makers who fit the exact ideal customer profile (for instance VPs of sales in software companies with between 50 and 200 employees, based in New York). All filtering is done automatically; leads are put directly into an email tool which sends out a personalized campaign to future clients in just a few clicks.

Growbots’ customers don’t have to manage their campaigns manually. A.I. recognizes the nature of replies (out of office, positive, negative, non-delivered) and stops or reschedules the campaign automatically. This way, you no longer have to set up multiple campaigns for different time zones or manage follow-ups. All e-mails can be personalized, and the campaign is integrated with your regular inbox. Automatic deduplication ensures you never contact a client you’re already in touch with.

“The idea behind Growbots was born when we realized that all the data you need in order to build favorable business relations is already out there buried in the chasm of the internet,” said Greg Pietruszyński, the CEO of Growbots. “The old way of establishing B2B relationships (going to conferences and swapping business cards) became old hat overnight.”

This startup has three founders. Greg Pietruszyński has built 3 different companies before Growbots. During the last 6 years he has developed more than 200 web and mobile products. Luke Deka, the CPO, has profound experience in data mining, data analysis, product strategy, and development as well as sales strategy and management. Adam Mazan, the COO, is an experienced manager, business developer, and strategist. He gained his expertise in one of the biggest media companies in Poland – Agora SA helping to develop and later manage Gazeta.pl.

As of now, Growbots has raised $1.7 million from angel investors and has over 350 paying customers.  Their next milestone is $100k monthly revenue – a goal that, while ambitious, is deemed achievable during the next 3 years.