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Mastercard has a whole load of new tech solutions it’s bringing to Poland soon. Selfie pay, fit pay and fingerprint scans are just a few of the solutions they’re introducing. In a constant search for new innovations in fintech, they’re constantly trying to make the payment as easy and comfortable as possible.

One of the most tedious things of the 21st century is having to remember all your logins, pins and passwords. There are dozens of them and if you want to stay safe, each should be different and extremely complicated. We’re not really equipped to store all that information; i can’t be the only one who keeps mistaking her pin to one card with another. It’s annoying and frustrating. Hopefully, soon it’ll become a thing of the past.

Even right now there are ways you can skip using your pin every time you pay. There are all sorts of contactless payment methods such as paypasses, key fobs. Even now you can use your smartphone in order to make a payment with NFC or RFID. They’re a hit in Poland which is why Mastercard’s new ideas should be welcomed in Poland quite happily.

Mid-November Mastercard has introduced Android Pay in Poland. It’s the first country in CEE region and the second country in Europe (after the UK) to get the Google service. The app generates a token which you use provide while payments instead of your real card number. What’s more, each mobile devices is assigned a different token number so token number theft is not a thing to be worried about. At the moment it’s available in 3 banks and will be introduced to others soon.

“We are happy that Google has chosen Poland as the second European market to launch the service. Thanks to a high market share of Android OS in Poland and highly developed payment infrastructure, our country has a huge potential to widely adopt the technology in a short time, as was the case with contactless payments,” said Bartosz Ciołkowski, Country Manager Poland, Mastercard Europe.

However, Mastercard has some even more fab things in store for us. It’s already introduced Identity Check Mobile in some parts of Europe and it’s going to enter Poland soon. It’s a new payment app, which uses biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition to verify a cardholder’s identity, simplifying online shopping.  As soon as next year fingerprint and selfie pay will become a reality in Poland. They seem like very cool solution and might, hopefully, be a way to temper down credit card frauds. Biometrics seems, at the moment, like something that might be a way more secure way of making a payment than just a four or six number code. It’s finally not your memory that is going to be checked when making a payment but your identity.

But Selfie Pay is not the only new plan of theirs. Mastercard is working with Fit Pay Inc to introduce wearables and Internet of Things tech in Poland. Working with Wearatec amongst others, they’re going to make available new wearables to make secure payments. If all goes well, next year they’re planning to introduce 2.5 million wearables on Polish market next year and make it nine million by 2018.