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If you have an international business you’re probably well aware that foreign connections are important in running it efficiently. If you want to get as much revenue as you can, accessing your potential customers in a way most comprehensible to them is a key. TRAVOD team understands that perfectly, which is why they created an on-demand translation platform.

They realised how tedious traditional translation methods can be, when they were working at a big tourism company. As people in Moldova speaks two main languages: Romanian and Russian, they had to deal with translations a lot. If you’ve never had a chance to do your share in translations, let me tell you: the process is slow, not transparent and very expensive. They expanded the company in the US and the UK, with office also in Romania.

“Based on this market need, we embarked on the journey to change it by creating an on-demand, rapid turnaround, translation service with a community of vetted professional translators. Our first customers started paying only 2 months in and from then on we continued to self-fund from customer revenues all the way to now. We did not know from the start of our business what VC money is since we were from Moldova.  And now we have a rapid growth, global business with offices in the UK, the US and continental Europe,” they said.

This worked out for them perfectly. They’ve not only got a rapid growth but also have been awarded for their hard work. They’ve been named 50 of the world’s most promising startups (websummit ’15, Dublin) and the most democratic workplace (WorldBlu ’13) together with Zappos, Davita and others.

What exactly is TRAVOD? It’s a professional translation service, which helps businesses expand their content globally. Since most Internet users aren’t from English-speaking countries, it’s important to extend your reach to them as well. Companies such as Microsoft and IBM generate 60% of their revenue outside the English speaking world. TRAVOD democratises international content translation.

TRAVOD is an automated platform to manage project workflow. They translate, localise, edit, proofread and transcribe in over a hundred languages with their network of 25,000+ vetted professionals. Their customers see 3 to 10 times revenue growth after translating content in the native languages of their customer bases.

This on-demand business model and the use of a distributed workforce, in this case a global network of language professionals, place TRAVOD well ahead of the curve in its industry as they allow the company to provide very fast and high-quality service with minimum expenses. As the company, TRAVOD, has served more than 6,000 brands to date and has increased revenue by 500 percent over the last three years.