If you’re looking for an ultra multifunctional device, look no further. Knoocker may be just the solution for you. It can meet pretty much any multimedia need you might have. It’s an interactive game meet multimedia whiteboard meet fun centre, but I’m afraid even this description falls short of all it can do.

Krzysztof Krzywdziński, founder and CEO, is the founder of icpen.pl and teaches at IT department at UAM and Marcin Franc, co-founder and private investor, is affiliated with Microsoft and foreign VC funds.

Like many great inventions it started out way smaller. Krzywdziński wanted to make an interactive ping pong table. However, what he and Franc came up with is a combination of an interactive game for children and adults and a multimedia whiteboard which gives it a multitude of uses.

It’s easy and intuitive to use. Player’s task is to throw a ball at animations displayed on the interactive area. It’s perfect for impatient people: you don’t even have to wait for your turn as Knoocker’s able to recognise the balls players use as game controllers. Knoocker’s construction makes it safe and damage-proof. So several players can throw, bounce or even kick balls at the same time.

You’re tired and don’t want to play? No problem. It’s appropriate for both children and adults.  You can play films or play on your Xbox or PlayStation on Knoocker. You’re having a party? Why not start karaoke? Need a presentation for work? Knoocker can double as a projector. You can set it up in indoor playgrounds, kindergartens and schools, as well as hotels, spas and sports centres. You can even use it at home.

Knoocker is unique due to the tech used in ball movement recognition system and gameplay. After use you can fold the device and move it around easily, thanks to a set of wheels. What’s more, it’s completely Polish; it’s produced in Poland and neither the programming nor the manufacturing is outsourced.

Knoocker is bootstrapping. Monthly, they’re selling from five to ten Knoockers in Poland, each worth 12,000 PLN. They’re expanding their reach as they’ve started distribution in Germany and are starting operations in education sector. If you’re interested in buying or hiring one, you can do it online on their website.