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Soon space-related businesses in Poland will be able to get some serious support to turn their ideas into sellable tech. Next year European Space Agency’s Incubation centre in coalition with Polish Space Agency are planning to set up a Business Incubator centre in Poland, dedicated to satellite technology transfer.

European Space Agency’s Business Incubation Centres (ESA BIC) is consists of a network of national chapters located in over a dozen countries across Europe. Their main aim is to help entrepreneurs change their space-connected business concepts into commercial companies. Thar’s why they support scientists and entrepreneurs working on projects connected to satellite technologies. It’s a real chance for startups working on similar tech to get funding and mentorship to turn their ideas into profitable businesses as ESA BIC provide technical expertise and business-development support.

Gdansk is one of the places in Poland which are competing to get their own chapter. There are a lot of space-related businesses in the Pomerania region such as SpaceForest, Blue Dot Solutions, WiRan, Syderal Polska, OptiNav or OPEGIEKA. What’s more, even Polish Space Agency is based in Tricity. Gdansk isn’t taking its chances and teams up with Cracow to make their offer stronger. After all Incubation Centres can have more than one local chapter which we may observe in France or Portugal.

“We’ve started talks with Cracow because we decided we have to look at the bigger picture. If our offer wins, we’ll be able to exchange information, markets, client access and investment possibilities,” says Krzysztof Kanawka, CEO of Blue Dot Solutions.

ESA BICs help to create viable businesses and new jobs by providing support to more than 130 companies every year in Europe, and more than 400 start-ups have received support to date; every year it helps a few dozen new businesses and most of them turn out to be a success (80-90%).  Which means it’s an enormous opportunity for Poland and Polish space-related businesses.

Wherever the Incubation Centre will be, new and highly-specialised business may emerge. Technology transfer will make export of Polish products much easier and lots of young entrepreneurs will get support in order to make their companies as good as they can be.