Campus Warsaw opened in November last year and it’s become a really rad place for young entrepreneurs to learn, connect, and build their companies. There’s loads of community events, mentoring and networking all aimed at helping startuppers succeed and change the world.

After a year, they’ve hit their 8,000 members mark, with over 2,000 startuppers. The community is multinational and hails from 29 countries. They’ve hosted over 400 community events and 132 Campus-led educational programmes and events, providing over 350 hours of mentoring.

“Campus Warsaw has a lot of plans for next year. First of all, we’d like Poland and entire region to be perceived as more innovative. We’d also like to offer even more direct support for startups here.  After a year we’ve identified around 30 companies, which entered growth phase; we’ll be constantly helping them, offering mentoring and help on Campus, but also giving them a chance to take part in event all over the world,” says Rafał Plutecki, Head of Campus Warsaw.

Is their success rate measurable? It’s definitely high enough for them to change the venue for a bigger one. Luckily, they’re moving just a few paces away, to a different building in Centrum Praskie Koneser, so you shouldn’t have any problems to find them. In the new venue it’ll be possible to hold events for up to 250 people. The bigger cafe will be able to house up to 170 people, and there’ll be enough office space for 145.

If you’re interested into Campus Warsaw events, you can check out the full list on their website here. They’re most important programmes are:

– Campus Mentoring – weekly mentoring session where you have a chance to learn from the best.

– Campus Startup School – hands-n education. It features programmes such as Campus For Mums or Global Business Series.

– Connect at Campus – you can make meaningful connections to make your startup more successful; you can attend Campus Exchange and Campus x Industry events there.

– Campus Presents – successful entrepreneurs, industry leaders, venture capitalists, artists and dreamers are given a chance to speak their insights and experience.

– Campus Meetups – you can find a community of people like you.