E-commerce is moving from products only to services and Poles don’t seem to mind. According to a survey by Mastercard, digital services are becoming increasingly more popular nowadays. Over 75% of the responders are happy with the digitalisation and believes in its positive influence on our lives. What Poles use most are email and search engines. Almost 80% do their shopping online and slightly less use social networks. Of course there are still changes needed, especially in education, health care and public transport sectors, which are still predominantly traditional.

However, Poland is changing rapidly. Examples? You no longer need to go up to a parking metres to to pay for the car park. You can use an online app mobiParking and pay via SkyCash. All you have to do is put a sticker on your windshield and choose exactly for how long you’re planning to stay and pay via your mobile. You need to more time? You no longer have to run to your car in order to pay for additional 20 minutes of parking time. It’s enough to go online.

What’s more, all those new services allow us to save up time and money. Another example could be SharCar, Poznań-based startup. It’s a car hire company that allows you to hire a car for exactly as long as you need. You don’t need to pay up for a day to get a car you’re going to use only for a couple of hours. Want to go to the cinema but hate queuing? Cinema City and Multikino have mobile apps which allow you to buy the tickets without moving from your sofa. You can watch your favourite TV shows on Netflix, NCplus GO or VoD. Need new reading material? Polish startup Audioteka provides you with audiobooks. You can access ebooks through Legimi. Until recently, you’d have go to outside to get all of those things. Now we don’t have to even buy them, it’s enough to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy most of them. And all of those are available on your mobile.

It’s no surprise that so many startups choose e-commerce. It’s an extremely big market where people are constantly thirsty for new developments.