You’ve got a company and you’re looking for employees? Sometimes ordinary adverts are not enough but Sharehire is there for you. It’s a recruitment platform for large businesses, a recruitment platform meet social networking.

The founder is Łukasz Malecki, current ShareHire CEO. He’s got over 15 years of experience in HR from companies such as mBank and Warta. Tomasz Kaczmarczyk and Marcin Giełzak are the co-founders and each of them brings experience in different fields. Kaczkarczyk is a programmer and IT manager, who brought in an IT team with him, specialised in Polish and international B2B. Giełzak is responsible for marketing, communication and all it entails.

“In a way you can say our company is for HR what UBER is for transport or Airbnb is for hotel business. From our own experience we noticed that references are the most effective recruiting tool. However, they’re not fully used by businesses. A company which has 20,000 employees potentially has 20,000 recruiters; every one of them has their own network of business connections. Who knows the best JAVA programmers? Other JAVA programmers. Who can refer you to a good sales rep? Someone, who’s been a sales rep themselves, knows the environment and challenges that come with this job. Besides, it’s not just the employees that can recommend people. Companies have thousands of followers on Facebook or LinkedIn who can also provide recommendations,” says Marcin Giełzak.

With all that in mind they managed to create an intuitive recruitment process system based on recommendations. You get their own customised system of recommendations to suit your needs. It’s all a matter of individual needs. Sharehire provides you with tools to get recommendations from your employees in 30 seconds so that your recruiters can quickly deal with the recommendation. You’ll be able to reach more good candidates since you might get recommendations of people who would otherwise remain passive. To make recommendations more attractive from your employees’ end, Sharehire provide prizes for good recommendations and since they’re the ones to pay them, they’re the ones who have to worry with all the taxes and such.

They’ve started funding out of their own pockets but later on got 2 rounds of funding. Now ShareHire has got a big corporate customer base and are starting operating in Western Europe, which enables them to develop efficiently.

They’re good at what they’re doing and their client base proves it. Right now, Bank Millennium and Bank Ochrony Środowiska use their systems for their recruitment process. They also worked with companies such as Credit Agricole, Top Secret, Onninen Poland, PKO Leasing, or mBank. Sharehire realises that it’s quality and not quantity of applications that’s important in hiring. You may get loads of people who answer your offer and yet none of them will be suitable for the post. Sharehire knows that. To give an example, Onninen Poland hired 9 out of 15 applicants for warehouse jobs. Another of their clients, an IT company, spent months fruitlessly looking for a senior data warehouse specialist, using various career services and a specialised recruitment agency.