The voting for the best products of the year on ProductHunt is still open. It ends on Sunday, December 18th, at 7pm PST. You can vote for nominees in fifteen categories, for more than one product per category if you wish. The product with the most upvotes in each category wins.

This is the second edition of Golden Kitty Awards – a contest that celebrates the amazing community of ProductHunt, hard work of all makers and the brilliance of their products. The organizers decided to add several new categories and discontinued the “Book of the Year” and “Game of the Year” categories.

The full list of categories includes:

  1. Tech Product of the Year
  2. Breakthrough Product of the Year
  3. Mobile App of the Year
  4. Desktop App of the Year
  5. Sexiest Product of the Year
  6. Hardware Product of the Year
  7. Bot of the Year
  8. iMessage App of the Year
  9. Chrome Extension of the Year
  10. WTF Product of the Year
  11. Podcast Episode of the Year
  12. Community Product of the Year
  13. LIVE Chat of the Year
  14. Maker of the Year (chosen without voting)
  15. Community Member of the Year (chosen without voting).

(And yes, in case you wondered, Pokemon Go and Spectacles are really nominated in two categories.)

Make sure to check out the full list of nominees and cast your vote on ProductHunt.