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Have you been unsuccessfully saving up for your dream vacation and are always short? Or perhaps your car is old and you’d like to have a new one? You might have a long term goal and yet never seem to be close to it. The truth is we always spend more money that we think we do. Even if you have that voice at the back of your head telling you that you don’t need that new T-shirt or that it’s your fifth late this week, it’s easy to rationalise your expenses. Dmitrii Barbasura from Fentury understands that. The app will help you keep track of your expenses. If you want to know your exact income vs all your expenses ratio, it’s an app for you.

The team behind Fentury have the experience to make this project work. Dmitrii Barbasura, the CEO, worked with credit card processing for huge online stores and has +15 years of experience in IT and business development. While Lisa Terziman, the COO, has a background in digital economy and green movements, which creates a perfect mix for running a FinTech Startup.

“The sad truth is that people suck at managing their money. In US for example, 63% of all people are one pay check from being homeless. In the UK 50% of people have less than 100 pounds of savings. We find that disturbing and we think we can fix that. That’s why we created Fentury. Our mission is to help people make better financial decisions and improve their financial health,” said Andrei Lisnic, CTO at Fentury.

With that in mind, they created Fentury, which will help you keep track of all your spendings. To start properly controlling your expenses, you first need to know where your money goes to. Perhaps you keep forgetting about bills or other monthly payments? Fentury will help you to never have to worry about overdue payments again. You can add all future bills, loan payments, as well as plan gifts and vacations. You’ll get notifications when the time is right.

So far, so good, right? Perhaps you see the appeal of such an app but think putting all your spendings into the app manually is simply too much fuss? No problem. You can simply connect your accounts and automatically get info on how much you spend on your children, car, or weekend outings.

They’ve got $800K in funding. And currently, Fentury users have over 800k transactions in the app, both imported and created by hand in their wallets. Since Fentury’s got extremely good global coverage, there’s a good chance they’re working with your bank. Right now they have around 2,500 major financial providers connected to the platform, covering over 50 countries.

Just because Fentury’s already successful, it doesn’t mean they’re not striving to be even better. At the moment they’re developing the second version of Fentury app. The biggest changes are the introduction of personal advising and making it even more accessible and approachable. The current issue with PFMs, is that they’re not really personal. To the point where the “P” should be lowercase. As in pFM. Fentury’s working to change it.