If you ever filmed videos on your phone, you probably realize how much post-processing they require. Glash is a startup from Ukraine that kills two birds with one stone: they give you a tiny device that stabilizes your camera and tracks your statistics alongside with a mobile app for editing and sharing your extreme sports videos with those who appreciate your passion.

“All videos shut on hand-held devices like mobile phones and action cameras are shaky,” said Vitalii Samotaiev, one of the Glash co-founders. “We solve the problem without gimbals and steady-cams.” Indeed, the Glash accessory does a great job stabilizing your video, as it uses a 9-axis “Absolute Orientation Sensor” by Bosch that includes a gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer.

The Glash device is a tiny piece of hardware that can be mounted on most of the modern cameras, including GoPro. Its most important function is data logging – it can track multiple statistics, such as your speed, route, altitude, tilt, acceleration and overload. It uses an 8GB microSD card that can store up to 70 days of motion logs.

Apart from the hardware, Glash users receive a mobile app that puts special emphasis on the social aspect of extreme sports. They can use it to edit and post their own videos – these can be augmented to display some of the statistics measured by the Glash gadget, for example a speedometer. Users can also browse through each other’s galleries, rate and review videos and share places they consider best for extreme sports. These places are then marked on special maps, so each time you are in a new neighborhood, you can check what spots does the Glash community consider noteworthy.

Glash has two founders: Vitalii Samotaiev, who is a Cloud DevOps architect and a hardware developer, and Pavel Grebenyuk, who has over 5 years of experience in project management and 14 years of experience in quality assurance management. The founders have invested about $ 80k of their own funds into Glash development and are currently looking for first customers.