Christmas is in two weeks, and if you haven’t bought the gifts already, chances are that half of your family will end up with a generic mug (“best mom ever”) or perhaps a soap gift set (because it was 50% off). Choosing a perfect present is hard, as it requires both time and creativity. Sabit Naukenov and Igor Grechishkin know that all too well, that’s why they created GiftSensor.

“Our solution is an A.I. gift recommendation service which combines social profile analyzing engine and marketplace mechanics,” said Naukenov, the CEO of Giftsensor. After all, people don’t have time to wonder around malls for hours and wait in lengthy lines at the checkout. Gift Sensor recommends several gift options, suggests making an order and offers timely delivery options.

If you want GiftSensor to make a suggestion, you need to log in with your Facebook account and choose a friend. The A.I. will analyze his social media profile, his interests and preferences, and recommend a few gifts that he will like. GiftSensor uses multiple technologies, including machine learning, pattern recognition, collaborative filtering method and linguistic analysis. Unlike the standard gift registries, the offer is not limited to present shops, but includes unique gifts from biggest online markets.

Even though GiftSensor is still a very young startup, it has already been recognized in numerous competitions. In June 2015, the team won the Startup Nomad Tour in Anstana, and in September 2015 – the Almaty Tech Garden Fest. This year, they won the Echelon Asia Summit contest and placed in the top 10 of Asian startups. These competitions allowed them to collect about $25k of pre-seed funding.

GiftSensor was founded by two classmates. Sabit Naukenov, the CEO of GiftSensor, has a broad experience on the startup scene. He has previously run a healthcare startup and co-founded an IT-coworking enterprise. Igor Grechishkin is a designer and front-end developer that has previously been working on RadiumOne advertising network.

The team is looking for opportunities of development, including seed-round investments. Their website left the beta stage today – make sure to check it out!