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Accelerators, which received grants in the Polish Scale Up competition, begin to reveal the details of their acceleration programs. TechBrainers is no exception. On Thursday, 15th December, they presented the structure of their Pilot Maker program during a press conference together with their main partner, Tauron, and partner companies Kross and Amplus.

The program puts special emphasis on cooperation of startups with large innovative companies that are eager to share their expertise with participants of Pilot Maker.

“Our program aims to develop solutions that can be directly applied in practice,” said Magdalena Jackowska-Rejman, CEO of techBrainers, during the press conference. “This is exactly what our partners expect. In their intention letters, these enterprises pledged to provide support, that is share the knowledge of their specialists and permit pilot implementations within their infrastructures. If the pilot implementations are promising, our partners will be free to build further business relations with the startups. If these implementations happen to fail, though, we will try to find an application of these solutions in other enterprises, using the potential of R&D Club, TOP 500 and the remaining project partners.”

Tauron, Amplus and Kross, the partners of the Pilot Maker accelerator program, are looking forward to applying innovative solutions within their own frameworks. It is a chance for them to profit from the non-conservative approach of startups without compromising the enterprise’s policy regarding cooperation with companies lacking experience and references. “Thanks to the financing received within the Pilot Maker program, the risk of investment in early-stage technologies is significantly diminished,” said Zbigniew Sosnowski, director of Kross.

Startups participating in the program will have a chance to test their products and technologies and receive references from large enterprises. They will also obtain the knowledge and competences required on every stage of business development. Apart from grants received within the Pilot Maker program (up to 50,000 PLN), they will also get a chance to raise additional funding from VC funds such as Movens Capital, Leonarto and Arkley.

Applications for the acceleration program will open in January 2017.