Investing is risky and difficult. Or at least that’s what the vast majority thinks. In Poland, only 0.1% of all investments (in investment funds) are done online – mostly due to lack of a tool that would let you control your investment, but wouldn’t require years of experience in the subject. is an online investment platform that is targeted to everyone who wishes to make their own decisions about investments.

„We focus on simplicity of investing – our platform doesn’t require understanding elaborate regulatory aspects or investment mechanisms. This is a user-friendly world of finance, where everyone has control over his investment, and can adjust it according to his needs or our recommendations during the whole investment’s lifetime,” said Wojciech Kałucki, one of the Capitalist co-founders.

The founders say that they are not a startup “by definition” – they have broad experience and are able to fund their project themselves for the next 6 to 9 months. Paweł Skóra, the CEO, worked in the majority of banks in Poland and in Boston Consulting Group. Wojciech Kałucki has over 15 years of experience in banking, consulting and running startups, while Tomasz Stosio, responsible for marketing, was involved in creation of dealing rooms and worked at multiple brokerage houses.

The procedure of investing with Capitalist begins with creating a user account. You need to supply some information about your current financial status and about your goals. Capitalist is not interested in your financial goals, though; the platform cares more about life goals, such as buying an apartment or financing holidays for the whole family. Basing on this data, the platform suggests an investment portfolio suited to your needs. You can adjust and control your investment at any point. Capitalist receives a commission dependent on your investment’s value.

Because of regulatory issues, Capitalist operates on Polish market under a British license. This solution has unexpected benefits for all users: their money is secured by British depositary with a guaranteed fund larger than in Poland.

The company is currently at the prototype stage. A demo version of their platform will be accessible for a limited group of users at the beginning of 2017. The team plans to release the first official version of the product at the end of the first quarter 2017. Simultaneously, they are in communication with brokerage offices, banks and investors, as they are looking for a main partner of their platform.

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