Opp.io is a startup founded by Gergely Borgulya and Attila Bujdoso, two friends who met at the Technical University of Budapest. Gergely was a project manager at Graphisoft, while Attila worked as a research coordinator at Kitchen Budapest, Magyar Telekom’s media and innovation lab. They both managed projects that required tons of meetings and knew the hardships of answering hundreds of emails a day. This is why opp.io – an app for taking notes at meetings – came into life.

“We desperately wanted a tool that helps you write better meeting minutes and integrates with other tools that you use every day: email, Slack and task and project management tools,” said Attila Bujdoso, the CEO at opp.io. “We also wanted a tool that is simple and easy to use and doesn’t get in your way of getting work done.”

This app looks very similar to Google Docs and other note-taking tools. The main difference lies in the possibility of creating tasks and assigning them to team members as you type. Each task receives a unique tag that allows you to find it and track progress. You can also synchronize these tasks with other task management software like Trello, Asana or Wunderlist or with your email account. Additionally, the app allows you to embed tasks from these platforms into your notes.

Once you created your meeting minutes, you can easily see the current status of each task. You can also send these notes to other team members. As they will be finalizing their tasks, they will change the status in opp.io, keeping you updated about the progress.

The startup raised $140,000 from local angel investors in Budapest and from the Startup Chile program. There are already a dozen companies that use opp.io in its beta stage and provide valuable feedback. The team plans to launch an update with new features (such as an embedding or search tool) suggested by these companies in the nearest future.